About Us

About Us

D&G Installations some seven years ago developed a monitoring system using RFID technology to monitor temperature and power failure from a remote location. By extensive research the company pinpointed certain sectors that could possibly benefit from the use of this product.

The industry showed a definite need for a management tool of this nature. It enables managers and farm handlers to maintain and manage their critical operational areas, such as the temperature and power failure all critical points to be monitored. This can be done on a 24/7 basis from on-site to head office, at home and anywhere in the world. Further benefits include obtaining logged history reports and graphs showing temperature-control performance reports, which enables the manager to improve temperature stability, thus improving production.

By using this type of system your business operation becomes proactive in identifying problem areas before they become a disaster, giving you peace of mind.

The GPRS-style system works extremely well. The use of RFID sensors to transmit the information via radio frequency to the GPRS, which can read multiple sensors 4 – 20 ma analog and digital inputs. From there the information data is sent to our server via cellular networks and through the use of the internet. The client can then access the information data from any location.

Maintenance and cleaning are huge factors in this industry, hence the need for a wireless system that is simple to install and maintain and that can withstand vigorous cleaning procedure.

The poultry industry has certain operational requirements with regard to the frequent altering of the high and low temperature alarm set points. This type of system enables the user to change these parameters at will whenever required. The operator simply logs on to the internet, selects the required programme and changes the alarm settings in a matter of minutes as many times as he likes without having to go to the site. You can also change the SMS cell numbers in the same way.


The system can be simply adapted to add more functions, e.g. monitoring on water-level alarm, electric-fencing alarm, refrigeration, mobile in trucks, etc, provided the RFID tag can read the instrument so that the data can be transferre